Welcome to the New PhiLife Site!

By Staff

Josh previewing our PhiLife video for the team.Josh previewing our PhiLife video for the team.

Welcome to our new PhiLife site!  This page was originally imagined during the 2018 NEH Reviving Philosophy as a Way of Life Institute at Wesleyan.  Participants dreamed of a digital portal for sharing teaching materials, connecting with like-minded faculty, learning about relevant teaching initiatives, and helping others develop their curricula.  With the help of the University of Notre Dame's marketing and Communication team and generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we spent the Fall of 2019 building the structure for this site.  Josh Barthuly -- one of our project PhD students -- designed and shot our promo video.  And everyone on the staff drafted content, brainstormed features, and prepared the database of participants.  We'll be updating this space frequently as the project grows, so please check back!