Jake Wright

Jake Wright

Sr. Lecturer (University of Minnesota Rochester)
Network Member

Jake Wright, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer in the University of Minnesota Rochester's Center for Learning Innovation, where he teaches philosophy courses, pursues research on teaching and learning, and is active in faculty governance.

In addition to traditional philosophy courses, Jake leads a team of faculty, students, and student development staff as the instructor for Living on Purpose, a course focused on providing students space and resources to intentionally explore their core values and how they can use those values to live a meaningful life. Jake is also serves as the chair of the Cornerstone Committee, which is responsible for the design and implementation of Cornerstone, UMR's academic skills seminar for new students.

Jake's research centers on the pedagogical and ethical justifications for in-class teaching practices like technology bans, prioritizing marginalized voices, and in-class contemplative techniques, especially at the introductory level.

You can find more information about Jake at https://wrightjw.wordpress.com, and you can follow him on Twitter under the handle @bcnjake.