Justin Christy

Justin Christy

Program Coordinator

Justin Christy is Program Coordinator of the Philosophy as a Way of Life Project and Director of the GGL Fellows Program at Notre Dame, where he received his PhD in 2017. He has ongoing research interests in the ontology of perception, hallucination, and other forms of conscious awareness. He is also interested in questions about the place of theoretical philosophy (e.g. contemporary projects in metaphysics and epistemology) in a conception of philosophy as a way of life.

Justin is the regular instructor for The Examined Life, a seminar course for new GGL Fellows that emphasizes philosophical dialogue and the continuity between philosophy and the rest of life. In his teaching, he seeks to empower students as autonomous learners and to foster collaboration and intellectual community both within and outside the classroom. He has broad teaching interests, ranging from classical Daoism to contemporary philosophy of language, and enjoys exploring unfamiliar topics through teaching.

His non-academic interests include bicycling and hiking, playing piano and guitar, and enjoying the company of cats.