Celine Leboeuf

Celine Leboeuf

Assistant Professor, Florida International University

I am an assistant professor in the Philosophy Department at Florida International University. I received my Ph.D. from Harvard University in May 2016. 

My dissertation, The Social Constitution of the Body: Bodily Alienation and Bodily Integrity, examined the ways in which members of oppressed social groups can feel alienated from their bodies and resist their alienation.

My current research lies at the intersection of Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, and the Critical Philosophy of Race. Inspired by the idea of philosophy as a way of life, my work aims to develop an art of living the body in a world that primarily understands the bodies of members of oppressed groups through the lens of reductive stereotypes. At present, I am investigating beauty trends such as the thigh gap obsession, probing the experience of mixed-race individuals, and exploring my never-ending fascination with Simone de Beauvoir.

I participated in the 2018 NEH Reviving Philosophy as a Way of Life seminar.