Key Principles

There are four distinctive features that characterize Way of Life approaches to philosophy.  Most courses combine one or more of these elements in interesting ways to serve the needs of their particular campus. The grant aimed to identify and support philosophy faculty with course proposals centered on these features .

  • Pursuitofgood 1

    Pursuit of the Good Life

    PWOL courses ask students to reflect deeply and ambitiously about what it takes to live a good life, the oldest philosophical question and one with enduring practical implications.
  • Curricula

    Diverse Classrooms

    PWOL courses engage with many cultural, religious, and historical sources for theories of the good life. And they value the lived evidence students bring to their philosophical research.
  • Studentleddialogue

    Student-Led Dialogue

    PWOL courses teach students to ask strong questions, reason empathetically, and cultivate curiosity for new arguments and viewpoints.
  • Immersiveassignments

    Immersive Assignments

    PWOL courses offer project-based assignments, asking students to test the lived dimensions of theories that they study.